Ajith takes a stand against online trolling

By | August 21, 2017

Ajith takes a stand against online trolling

Ajith takes a stand against online trolling: Thala Ajith, has always been strict on the fan bases and has vocally, been asking them to devote their time to their families and just watch his movies. But when it comes to being fans of any celebrity or actor Tamil Thambis go to any extremes and actors keep asking them to show some restrain or even disown them still, they don't change much.

For any social networking buff, it is easy to know how Vijay vs Ajith or Ajith and Vijay fans behave on Twitter or any social media platform. They just can't digest a word against their hero and recently, Vijay had to apologise to a journalist as the fans claimed to even rape her if she doesn't take back her comments against their hero. Vijay issued a public statement apologising to the journalist and disowned such fans who post comments against any person on social media in the name of his fan.

Now, Ajith took that a step forward and issued a lawyer notice and an open letter saying he doesn't have official fan clubs and people should not believe anyone who say to be belonging to them. He said, those who use his name to abuse others will be civil and criminal offenders and could be prosecuted. May be the actors disowning such fans will help them secure some peace for others to say what they believe in as there are many who fear these "fan" elements!


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