Anasuya Visits Khairatabad Ganesh At Night Time

By | August 21, 2017

Anasuya Visits Khairatabad Ganesh At Night Time

Anasuya Visits Khairatabad Ganesh At Night Time: Celebrities do tend to have few small joys like regular people and they look to enjoy them by keeping their celebrity status aside. These joys could be varied. They vary from using the Iphone 7 for the first time to buying a Range Rover from their salary. Many do tend to follow this a craze of the season and do you know what season is around?

Yes, Ganapathi Moriya, the season of Ganapathi Pandals is back this year and Hyderabad that is, famous for hosting the highest Vinayaka shrines for nine and eleven days have started decorations. We have noticed that during the Ramzan month, Manchu Lakshmi, Tapsee and many celebrities have gone in disguise late nights to enjoy Haleem and now celebrities are going in disguise at the mid-nights to visit famous pandals of Ganesha.

Anasuya Bharadwaj, the famous anchor has already started the frenzy by visiting Khairatabad Vinayaka pandal, late last night. She posted a selfie and we heard many are following her example. Hyderabad is the most popular place Ganesh Utsav celebrations after Mumbai in India and this Largest Laddoo, Balapur Laddoo's auction to highest Vinayaka shrines, the things will be crazy and we expect nothing less, this year too! Jai Bola Ganapathi Bappa ki Jai ... Moreya re Bappa Moreya!


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