Anil Kapoor gets Lip Kissed by Anu Malik

By | August 15, 2017

Anil Kapoor gets Lip Kissed by Anu Malik

Anil Kapoor gets Lip Kissed by Anu Malik:

Anil Kapoor was caught in an embarrassing situation after pictures of Anu Malik kissing him on the lips went viral. This incident happened when the Music Composer went to hug the Senior Hero at the launch of 'Hera Pheri 3'.

Finally, Anil Kapoor has given a clarification on the viral picture. 'Anu Malik is a loving person. He expresses immense happiness whenever we meet and tries to touch me physically. After watching Me at the recent event, He pulled Me towards him and that's when a photo journalist had clicked. It appeared as if Anu Malik was kissing Me. He did it just because of admiration towards Me,' says the 'Mr.India' Actor.

May be, Anu Malik won't behave in such fashion at a public event any more after being in such an embarrassing situation. Every movement of celebrities will be watched closely and hence they should know how to conduct themselves in the presence of media or public.


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