Did Sana Khan’s Backless Outfit Make Salman Khan Awkward

By | August 25, 2017

Did Sana Khan's Backless Outfit Make Salman Khan Awkward

Did Sana Khan's Backless Outfit Make Salman Khan Awkward: It has been a viral sensation ever since superstar Salman Khan made his fist hands as if he did not want to touch the bare back of Sana Khan in backless dress during a recent event. Mixed responses emerged from all over that the hot actress’s backless dress made him feel shy and he is a true gentleman who refused to touch the bareback of a heroine. It totally turned out to be the meme of an awkward hug.

Responding little late after this scene went viral, Sana Khan reportedly said to a popular news daily, that a backless doesn’t even matter, he’d seen much more than that in his last 25 years of journey in films. The actress laughed off and asks not to talk like a five year old and make all it sound big.

And responding to the comments calling it an ‘awkward hug’, Sana suggests people to ask Salman to get better answer and stop showing her in wrong light that she made him uncomfortable with her dress and hug. She even heard to have said that it was not like ‘I went to him and he didn’t recognize me’!

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