Director Teja Accepts His Mistakes

Director Teja Accepts His Mistakes

Director Teja Accepts His Mistakes: Ups and Downs are common in everyone's life. When you are successful, people come to you and if you are in bad situations, people go away from you, and they don't value you too. The above situations are most commonly seen in Film Industry. The same happened with one senior director of Tollywood Film Industry, and he is none other than Teja, whose political drama film Nene Raju Nene Mantri released today.

In a recent talk with media, Director Teja shares his journey as a director. In the initial days, Director Teja made blockbuster films. Jayam movie is one among them. Later his movies flopped at the box office. He says he never did any mistake as a director, he did mistake in choosing the story for the movie. The audience was expecting something new from him, and he failed in making new films. At one point, he had to make movies without taking any remuneration.

Coming to the film Nene Raju Nene Mantri, he said this film not only a political drama film but also a good family entertainer with emotions, and some social ethics.


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