Do you know the other side of Nayantara

By | August 15, 2017

Do you know the other side of Nayantara

Do you know the other side of Nayantara: Nayantara, has grown in stature from just being another actress to a seductress and to Lady Superstar in South Cinema. She has a considerably following in Tamil and Malayalam. Also her popularity has no bounds in Telugu too. The actress doesn't really like to divulge much information about her personal life and we know nothing much about her other than few things that have managed to come out despite her repeated quests to keep them under wraps.

Nayantara, who normally stays away from promotions has decided to promote her new film, Aram in Tamil and as part of the promotions she participated in a reality show on TV. In the show, she revealed that in free time, she manages to collect all her thoughts and write them down on paper in the form of poetry.

Not many know this side of her and the actress did not read out many of her poems to really judge her talents in this regard. She also revealed that she is good cook and tries different cuisines when she is free. So, Lady Superstar is a cook and a poet too! Delicious..


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