Journalist Receives Mouth Shutting Reply From Lara Dutta

By | August 29, 2017

Journalist Receives Mouth Shutting Reply From Lara Dutta

Journalist Receives Mouth Shutting Reply From Lara Dutta:

Lara Dutta is not only popular in B-Town, but is famous for her beauty as well. Yes, she had become “Miss Universe” in the year 2000 and had won our hearts. Of late, she is enjoying life with her hubby Mahesh Bhupathi and her sweet daughter Saira.

We don’t see Lara much in films these days because she is giving priority to her family. However, there are some people who are taking this the other way round.

Yes, there’s a journalist who supposedly has a problem with Lara not being seen in films. Recently, the actress posted a pic on Instagram, in which she was seen having fun-time with Saira. The journalist was quick to comment on it; his comment was very stupid and he never knew that Lara would give him a hard-hitting reply on the same.

The journalist named Ravindra Gautam shared that pic on Twitter and wrote;


                                              Journalist Receives Mouth Shutting Reply From Lara Dutta

The tweet read, “Pic : @LaraDutta goes for lunch with daughter Sair. Seems like she has no mood to comeback in Bollywood or she is not getting any films.”

As soon as Lara Dutta saw this pic, she immediately gave a mouth-shutting and witty response. Here’s what she said;


The tweet read, “And u can make that out from this photo?😄Because I have a life beyond my job that I think is equally exciting 2 post about? Get a life dear”

Lara is 100 percent right; there’s a life beyond films too and she seems to be enjoying that. The journalist should think twice before passing such silly comments, don’t you think so?

Even other Twitter users trolled him!

Get a life!


Apna kaam kar!


Wah re logic!


Let people enjoy!


Such restricted thinking!


Chacha koi kaam dhanda karo!


Everyone gave him perfect replies; he should not have such conservative thinking. Spending time with family doesn’t mean she doesn’t have Bollywood films. What do you have to say on this?


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