KRK Got Heavily Trolled By Other Celebrities On Twitter

By | September 28, 2017

KRK Got Heavily Trolled By Other Celebrities On Twitter

KRK Got Heavily Trolled By Other Celebrities On Twitter:

This is awesome...

#5 With SID

We all know how badly Siddharth Malhotra trolled KRK on Twitter after the later's derogatory comments on Alia Bhatt. The man surely deserved it. Siddharth served him right!

But this isn't the only incident where KRK got trolled by a celeb on Twitter. There are more.

#4 With Sonakshi

Sonakshi sure knows how to 'Khamosh' someone when he insults you. This tweet shattered KRK's world and people on Twitter had a great laugh as well. Well done Sonakshi Sinha. You rock!

#3 Rangoli Ranaut

When KRK realized he cannot mess with Kangana Ranaut, he turned his head towards her sister Rangoli. Little did he know was that this sister is as fierce as the other one.

Oops, terrible mistake! Again, served absolutely right!

#2 Sunny Leone

Sunny is a ontained woman with extremely calm head. But when KRK requested a politician to have Sunny Leone strip at the former’s wedding for a shocking price of Rs 1 Crore, she responded with a FIR.

#1 Lisa Hayden

When KRK tweeted this, Lisa Hayden lost her cool and Tweeted, “Ive been told it doesn't get much lower than you @kamaalrkhan Still need a chair? #LowLife”. Another amazing reply !

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