Manchu Manoj Okkadu Migiladu Movie

By | August 3, 2017

Manchu Manoj Okkadu Migiladu Movie

Manchu Manoj Okkadu Migiladu Movie: It is known that majority of Manoj films have not shown any impact at the box office in the recent past. But he is pinning all his hopes on his upcoming film 'Okkadu Migiladu'(OM). The theme of the film appears to be interesting as Manoj is playing LTTE chief Prabhakaran role in the movie. 'Okkadu Migiladu' team is confident that it will exceed the expectations of the audience. Even the first look poster received a good response in the social media.

Ajay Andrews is debuting as a director with this film. He is claiming that the movie is inspired by real events. While speaking about the film, he said that "Majority of the shoot has been completed. A few crucial sequences have been shot in the middle of the sea. We have shot the struggles of migrated refugees in the sea". Continuing the conversation, Manoj said that "Hello. Okkadu Migiladu sea sequence has not been shot on me. You can imagine the situation when ten refugees got struck in the middle of the sea. This drama runs for 40 minutes in the movie. This is going to be the highlight of the film."

It's rare to see films based on real life incidents in Telugu. No Telugu movies touched the concept of Srilanka refugees. Rajamouli touched this concept but in a commercial way. As Manoj film story revolves around LTTE chief Prabhakaran, we can expect controversies as well. We have to wait and see whether this film will give the much-needed hit to Manchu hero or not.


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