Selena Gomez Look Alike Doppelganger Photos Instagram

By | August 23, 2017

Selena Gomez Look Alike Doppelganger Photos Instagram

Selena Gomez Look Alike Doppelganger Photos Instagram: Being a celebrity and not having a doppelganger is a pretty rare sight! Almost everyone has someone who resembles them. Sometimes the resemblance is so much that our recognition skills are put to test! Something similar is going to happen to you very soon!

If you are one of those who thinks, breathes and lives Selena Gomez, the next few minutes of your life are going to be the ultimate test of your fandom! (Even if you’re not a fan, this test is still going to be fun, trust me)

So, here we present to you this simple game, where we have pictures of Selena Gomez and her famous lookalike, Sofia Solars. All you have to do is recognise which one of the two is Selena! Are you ready? Here we go!

1. Kissed by the sun, but recognised by none!

Selena is on the LEFT and Sofia is on the RIGHT.


2. Think you mastered that? Try this one!

In this one, Selena is on the RIGHT and Sofia is on the LEFT.


3. Under the glare, maybe escaping your sharp stare!

This must have been a little difficult, right? Well, Selena is on the LEFT and Sofia on the RIGHT.


4. This one is a little tricky!

In this one, Selena’s taking the RIGHT, while Sofia is left-bound.


5. Try looking beyond those grey shades!

Selena Gomez= RIGHT, Sofia= LEFT


6. Makeup or not?

The one with that dramatic eye make-up on the RIGHT is Selena and the one with the natural glow on the LEFT is Sofia!


7. Both of them looking on the right, which one do you think is right?

Selena is slaying on the LEFT and Sofia is equally doing so on the RIGHT.


8. Mirror, mirror on the wall, which one Selena would you call?

The mirror says the RIGHT one for Selena and LEFT one for Sofia!


9. Pick one, right or left?

This one’s easy, na? Selena is on the LEFT and Sofia on the RIGHT!


10. This one is probably the most difficult one!

Say hi to Selena on the RIGHT and hello to Sofia on the LEFT.

So, what was your score? Do comment and let us know! My friends scored 5, BTW!


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