Simbu Hits The Headlines Once Again

By | August 10, 2017

Simbu Hits The Headlines Once Again

Simbu Hits The Headlines Once Again: Tamil hero Simbu and controversies go hand in hand. Usually, he will be at the center of the controversies with his own deeds, whether it is Nayantara love-breakup episode or Beep song controversy. But he has got nothing to do with the latest controversy surrounding him.

An anonymous netizen has created a fake Twitter account in the name of Simbu and tweeted about Tamil heroine, Bigg Boss Tamil version contestant Ovia who came out of the reality show recently. The netizen who was posing as Simbu has showered praises on Ovia and it claimed that he will marry her. Many people believed it to be Simbu's tweet. Even media started reporting that Simbu has announced to marry Ovia.

Simbu got to know the fake tweet episode little late. But he has immediately released press note condemning the fake tweet. He clarified that it is a fake account and he has nothing to do with that account. He has also warned the people who are behind the fake tweet episode.

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