Taapsee For Anando Brahma Movie Promotions

By | August 20, 2017

Taapsee For Anando Brahma Movie Promotions

Taapsee For Anando Brahma Movie Promotions:There is a popular saying in Telugu, that means Don't unnecessarily hype up your work as that could lead to a backlash later. May be Tapsee did not know about it or got too carried away by her 'Big' Bollywood success with Pink, the actress made many comments on Telugu and Tamil directors and producers alleging that they did not use her talent properly. She said they just saw her as a glam doll while they did not credit her for her real acting talents. She said Pink helped her rediscover herself and also commented on the making style of makers like K. Raghavendra Rao.

All said and done, she did Anando Brahma and then kept promoting it as the role and film worth her talent and also said that she got the role as the makers liked her in Pink and wanted to use her acting talents. Well, in the movie all she had to do is to be the beautiful ghost and scare the comedians who ran the ship. Some are commenting that her character is nothing but a glorified cameo that helped for poster publicity as the story revolves more around the comedians and other actors and she has been limited to one of the characters.

The people who saw the movie, said that Tapsee who has been promoting this movie has her Pink in Telugu, should have watched the movie first and then commented on it. Few more are trolling her saying, at least she was seen as a lead during her glam doll days but now, she has been limited to an important "cameo"! Tapsee Pannu, may be needed to not go too aggressive commenting on everything just because she did one movie and that became a huge hit Nation wide!

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