Taapsee Has Done Everything For Anando Brahma

By | August 19, 2017

Taapsee Has Done Everything For Anando Brahma

Taapsee Has Done Everything For Anando Brahma:

Most of the heroines say goodbye to the film unit once the shoot is wrapped up. But slowly the trend is changing now.. big stars like Kajal is attending the promotions. They are attending the TV shows and radio programmes for the promotions. Curly hair beauty Taapsee is also following this trend.

It is known that Taapsee played a crucial role in 'Anando Brahma' which has hit the screens on Friday. As the movie doesn't have any other crowd puller except Taapsee, she has done extensive promotions for four days before the release. Interviews to news dailies and websites.. participating in various TV shows.. attending FM radio programmes.. visiting theaters on the release day.. she has done everything.

It is known that all the lead actors are basically comedians, so Taapsee can project the film as if she is the heroine of the movie. We have to really appreciate Taapsee for sincerely doing what all she can do for the promotions. Let us hope her promotions benefit the film. We have to wait and see how many other heroines will take inspiration from this 'Pink' beauty.


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