Why Rakul Called Sai Pallavi That Night

By | August 23, 2017

Why Rakul Called Sai Pallavi That Night?

Why Rakul Called Sai Pallavi That Night: In a recent interview, Rakul Preet Singh divulged about why she had called Sai Pallavi, the current sensation in Tollywood, at very late night on the day she had watched ‘Fidaa’.

‘After watching Fidaa, I fell in love with Sai Pallavi’s performance. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t mind calling her at very late night to congratulate and appreciate her,’ Rakul reportedly revealed.

Pallavi too affirmed the nice gesture of Rakul. ‘I was tensed at first to have received the call at night but she grounded me with her nice words,’ said the ‘Fidaa’ beauty about Rakul.

Actually, Rakul had similarly appreciated Nivetha Thomas after watching ‘Ninnu Kori’. Rakul revealed all this when she was asked if she was insecure of the rise of the likes of Pallavi, Nivetha etc.

‘There are variety of films and equally variety of characters are being written, and makers will choose only those actresses who fit the bill. There is no need to feel insecure or jealous of others’ success as there is scope for all talented performers to succeed in Tollywood,’ she added.


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