Woman Punches Herself and Screams After Watching Annabelle

By | August 27, 2017

Woman Punches Herself and Screams After Watching Annabelle

Woman Punches Herself and Screams After Watching Annabelle: If you have watched Annabelle: Creation, you have heard them- SCREAMS. I know I have and I still can’t get them out of my head.

Not that it was my first tryst with horror, but the movie with its jump-scares had everybody on the edge of their seats, trying their level best not to sh*t their pants (including yours truly).

If you think I’m bluffing/exaggerating, well, you won’t after this.


According to Daily Mail, A Brazilian woman had to be rushed to a hospital after she watched Annabelle: Creation. Reportedly, she was screaming and coughing frantically when she was found on the floor.

The unidentified 20-year-old had visited a cinema in Teresina, north-east Brazil, for a late-night show along with her friends.


The report also says that she had started acting strangely at the scariest moment of the film and that she even she even punched herself. Her friends tried to pacify her but it went in vain. A staff member at the shopping centre told Brazil’s UOL,

“We haven’t managed to find out exactly what happened or what caused this behaviour. What we know is that she was really very nervous and couldn’t herself explain what had happened.”

Apparently, an audio message is also being shared on social media.

Watch the entire video here and see for yourself. 


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